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Backing Track for Children Like Us

Edited clips from the live Classic Gold 1359/1431 Drivetime Show broadcast from Berkovitsa, Bulgaria, on Friday 11th November 2005.


David Baker

David Baker opens the show with Rev. Roger Stark


Interview with Jason Ringrose from Essex & Suffolk Water and the new Harvest fro the Hungry song is played.

Malcolm Tilsed

David Baker talks about some personal experiences and Malcolm Tilsed of the Meadows Shopping Centre speaks about the children at the orphanage.

Anna Gregorova, tourism manager of the Berkovitsa municipality talks about her part in the project.

Anna Gregorova

Anna Gregorova continues her talk with David Baker after a break in transmission interrupts the interview.

Ivan Ivanov, deputy mayor of Berkovitsa, speaks through an interpreter

Jackie Arnot, warehouse organiser, talks about the logistics of managing the movements of all the boxes and also about what they have been doing at the orphanage.


Some children from the orphanage help to deliver a message of thanks to the people of Essex.

Plammy, a student and one of our interpreters, talks about her feelings on the poverty she sees in Bulgaria.

Alan Arnot

Alan Arnot, borough councillor and husband of Jackie, talks about his experiences and the work they have been doing with the children at the orphanage.

Lawrence Symes and Leanne Tucker from Barclays Bank talk of their experiences and feelings on being first time visitors to Bulgaria.

Malcolm Nightingale

Malcolm Nightingale talks about bringing the ambulance over to Bulgaria and a possible future project.

Paul, Yoss and Ian

Paul, Yoss, and Ian talk about their experiences this week.

Malcolm Nightingale and Roger Stark talk about working with Berkovitsa municipality and the events of the week.


Malcolm Tilsed and Roger Stark sum up and round off the programme.


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